This is amazing!

Julesang single

Released christmas 2013. 2 minutes of holiday joy. Chopped, cutup and mixed. Add to mulled wine and stir. Merry christmas!

Watched the remake of William Lustigs 80s slasher Maniac starring Elijah Wood as a… let’s say, troubled young man with severe mother issues. While the remake has a pretty good soundtrack by French composer Rob, the original score by Jay Chattaway is synthy horror mania at is best.

These guys are intense. Also check out these videos.

Today’s score at the second hand store. A plethora of the shittiest sounds released on shellac and then… these two babies from the godfather of Danish electronica.

Great pop music, you say? You got it!

Single from the new album by Stockholm, Sweden based punk group Holograms. Very nice stuff.

One word: Awesome!